Pioneer Days 2003 photos are still available.

Some Photos Copyright © 2004 David E. Illig
This gentleman knows that those who come early get the best seats!
Photo Courtesy Cheryl Toman
Union Civil-War Re-enactors
Photo Courtesy Cheryl Toman
Photo Courtesy Cheryl Toman

The Victorian Ladies of Scottdale Always Add an Elegant Touch to the Parade

Fan Club! These nice folks are, l-r, Michelle Magiske Treadwell, Young Master Heath Treadwell, and Tom Treadwell. They saw your Webmaster in le chapeau officiel de (above) and told him that they are big fans of this site. I am very grateful for the Treadwells’ visits to the site, and for yours, because the kind remarks that I heard at Pioneer Days, the comments in the Guestbook, and the complimentary e-mails that I receive are the greatest reward that I receive for providing free web services to the people and not-for-profit organizations of Perryopolis.
There can be no doubt that the most anticipated float among regular attendees is that of Perryopolis folk artist Cyril Griglak. Somehow he outdoes himself each year, and 2004 was no exception.
The Webmaster is grateful to Cheryl Toman for taking the time to contribute her excellent photos
to this page. is greatly enriched by contributions from thoughtful people like Cheryl.
Won’t you consider contributing content to the site as well?
Perryopolis, Pennsylvania

Serving in Uniform
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