1814: The Founding of Perryopolis, Pennsylvania
Document provided by Madalyn Linderman.
To All to Whom these presents shall come Greeting. Whereas we the undersigned
Nathan Hersey, Thomas Hersey, Thomas E. Burns and Samuel Shreve of Fayette County
& state of Pennsylvania for divers good causes and considerations thereunto moving, have
caused to be laid off, on the contiguous parts of our lands in Washington Township, County
& State aforesaid, a number of lots, interspersed with Streets and Alleys in order to promote
the erection of a Town to be known by the name of “Perryopolis.” Now know Ye that in order
to promote the prosperity, encorage the improvement of said Town and secure to the purchasers
of lots therein the privileges and immunities necessary for the common interest,
We the undersigned Proprietors of Perryopolis afforesaid feel it our pleasureable duty to give forth
this our charter to wit: “Washington Diamond” in the center of said Town is laid off
one hundred and sixty feet square. The two principal Streets "Liberty" and “Independence”
crossing each other at right angles in said diamond are laid off eighty feet wide. The alleys
proceeding from each of the four corners of said Diamond are laid off twenty feet wide. All
the other streets are laid off and intended to be sixty feet wide, and all other alleys are laid off and
intended to be fifteen feet wide as by the general plan hereby annexed will appear.
All which said Diamond, Streets and alleys shall be and remain of the above stipulation width
and dimensions severally, excess or deficiency in the measure of any lot or lots notwithstanding,
and they are hereby declared to be public highways and appropriated solely to that purpose, To
have & to hold the free and undisturbed use of the ground of the above described Diamond
Streets and alleys for the above purposes to the purchaser, Inhabitants and Citizens of the
aforesaid Town of Perryopolis its vicinity and all other persons whatever demeaning themselves
peaceably and as liege Citizens of the United States in common with ourselves our heirs
and assigns forever reserving the timber theron for our own particular uses. We likewise
deposit this our Charter in the hands of William Griffith who is hereby requested to cause
the same to be filed, together with the annexed plan in the Recorder’s office of this County at our
expense, and hold the same on behalf of the purchasers of lots in said Town until an act of incorporation
shall be obtained for the said Town from the Legislature of Pennsylvania, and Proper officers chosen
or appointed to the management of the public concerns of the said Town of Perryopolis, At which
time it shall be given up to them when demanded. Given under our hands and seals at
Perryopolis the eighteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and fourteen,
Signed Sealed and delivered in the Thomas Hersey
presence of us: Isaac Sparks Thomas E. Burns
James Irwin Samuel Shreve
Nathan Hersey
Fayette County
Before us the subscribers two of the Justices of the Peace in and for said
County personally appeared the above named proprietors who acknowledged
the foregoing instrument of writing to be their act and deed & desired the same to be recorded as such.
Witness our hands & seals this 18th day of March 1814.
John Patterson
Andrew Linn
Recorded and Compared May the 3rd A.D. 1837.

This is the Town Charter. The Town Plan is here.

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Perryopolis, Pennsylvania
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