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The City of Everson Celebrated its Centennial
• 100 Years of Everson and its People •
on July 18, 19, and 20, 2003
Update July 30: More photos are now on-line

One great thing about living in Everson is that it is surrounded by beautiful countryside. This photo was taken on the road to the Alte Mennist cemetery.            

Photo: Barb Dzambo


The Sherrick House was built circa 1800. It is
believed to be the oldest house in the area. The house is located on Painter Street Extension.

Photo: Bobbi Kramer

Buck’s Snack Bar was the place to go from the 1940's until it closed in the 1970's. Today it is owned and operated by Mike & Lois Banaszak with the new name “The Sunshine Cafe.” Much memorabilia remains from the early days.

Dr. Milton A. Noon's Spring House is located on Graff Street. Dr. Noon was Everson's physician from 1898 until his death in 1961. When Dr. Noon built the Spring House his interest in Native American culture was incorporated in the stone work; some stones are shaped like arrowheads. He used the spring house as a place to get away to read and relax.

Photos above and right: Bobbi Kramer

The Everson Playground will be renamed “Everson Centennial Park” during a dedication ceremony to be held on July 18 at 6:00 PM. A permanent marker, donated by former Everson resident Marion Sandzimier, will be placed in the Park.

View of Brown Street in Everson looking from Scottdale.

Photo: Bobbi Kramer
Photo: Bill Seaman

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church was built for Everson’s large Polish community. It was dedicated on 14 May 1893. Built in Prussian Gothic style, it
resembles many churches in Poland. Father Robert Washko is current Pastor. St. Joseph's is located on the corner of Vance & Painter Streets.

Jacobs Creek

Photo: Bobbi Kramer
Photo: Bill Seaman



Everson is located between Scottdale and Connellsville, near US Route 119.

Map: David Illig

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