Parade Day, July 19, 2003

The people of Everson were all decked out in period costumes -- including The Honorable Tim Shoemaker, Mayor of Everson, and Mrs. Cheryl Shoemaker.
  Your webmaster, David Illig, and wife Leona Upton Illig, lined up and waiting for the parade to begin. While we don’t make a habit of inserting our own picture and our own opinions in web pages that we do for others, Leona and I want to take this opportunity to thank Barbara Dzambo and Bobbi Kramer and the entire Everson Centennial Celebration Planning Committee for inviting us and our little Miata (1992, 38,000 mi.) to participate in the Centennial parade and celebration. We also wish to thank the people of Everson, who were as warm and kind as could be. We had a wonderful time. It’s little wonder that the people of Everson take such pride in their community!  
Happy Birthday, Everson! was the theme of this colorful parade entry. These lovely flowers were on the Everson Evangelical Church’s “Victory Garden” Float.
Were there pretty girls twirling batons? Come on! This is Pennsylvania! And was there great food? Come on! This is Pennsylvania!
Visitors enjoyed the opportunity to shop at a number of crafts concessions. “The Everson Special,” provided by the Westmoreland Scenic Railroad, was a popular attraction.

• Sponsored by the Everson Centennial Committee •
• Information Courtesy Barbara Dzambo •


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