Everson VFS Post 595 provided the Color Guard.
Civil War Reenactors
Vietnam Veterans
In this 50th Anniversary Year of the Korean War, it was appropriate that Tony Osip read the names of Everson residents who died in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. Veteran Joe Eckman is at right.
The Everson Centennial Banner, with Seal Designed by Luke Johnson. Memories! Trollies like this once carried people to Kennywood.
  We Were Honored to have Visitors from Our Next-Door Neighbor.   Volunteers at the Centennial Souvenir Booth. L-R: Cheryl Shoemaker, Mayor Tim Shoemaker, Postmaster Carolyn Hart, and Borough Council Member Marty Adabato.
  Visitors at the Alte Mennist Cemetery, where Everson’s First Settlers are Buried.   The Festival Brought Many Reunions of Old Friends, such as Tina, Cindy, and Lisa, who live in Scottdale, Colorado, and Connellsville, respectively.

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• Information Courtesy Barbara Dzambo •


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