Multi-year Class Reunion, Page 1
Perry Township High School Graduates from all years prior to 1951 held a special reunion at Sampey Park in Perryopolis on July 19, 2003. Several hundred people attended. The following people served on the organizing committee: Eldo and Shirley DiVirgilio; Helen Havadich Evans; Frank and Joan Knight; Bernice Freeman Nicholls; Roberta McClintock Mongeluzzo and husband Tony ;Irene Havadich Sturgis and husband Jack; and Bob and Garnet Taylor. Janet Richter of Perryopolis kindly provided these photographs.

Classes of 1929 through 1936
1st row: Gertrude (Dottie Hutchinson ’34; Steve Rumanick ’35; Craig Martin ’30; Eleanor Sayres ’30; Gilda Murray ’36; Mary C. Porter ’36; Margaret Luce Crouse ’36; Ruth Thorpe Woodward ’36; Mary Palumbo Bill ’33; Catherine Thomas ’36
2nd Row: Faith Swartz Willson ’29; Reba Galley ’32; Kathryn Stiffy Hoge ’34; Irma Jenkins Glass ’34; Mary Feda ’36; Dorothea Askey ’33; J Allen Carson ’33; Thomas Kalman ’35; Laddie Griglak ’34
Attending, but not in photo: Jack Brinker ’35; Leona Williams ’30; Roy Thorpe ’33; Betty Luce Sager ’35; John F. Gearing ’33; Becky Galley ’33

Classes of 1937 through 1939
1st row: George Bubnash ’39; Hazel Pirlo Bubnash ’39; Mary Kay Kalman Griglak ’37; Madelyn Stiffy Linderman ’39; Betty Shelkey Karpel ’39; Mildred Sedlock White ’39; Irene Fair Wise ’39; Gina Cimini ’39; Hope Sechrist Baker ’39
2nd row: Jerome Gearing ’37; Maria Galla ’37; William Craig Carson ’38; Andrew Huzenic ’38; John Matty ’38; Edward Koslasky ’38; Edward Buchina ’38; Madelyn Mutnansky Stofan ’37; Mary Blair Gibbs ’39

Classes of 1940 and 1941
1st row: Mary Jane Carr ’40; Pauline Gannon ’40; Priscilla Yenchick ’41; Sofia Derkach Branthover ’41; Vera Evans ’41; Ethel Allison ’40; Nell Lammie Jordan ’40
2nd row : Frank Larince ’40; Clarence Carson ’41; Craig Sechrist ’41; John Burklovitch ’41; Anna Terpak Zayakisky ’41; Wanda Baker Welling ’41; Marguerite Hough ’41; Eleanor Eberts Rusnak ’41; Victor Koslosky ’40
Attending, but not in photo: John Velosen ’41; Henry DiVirgilio ’41; Joseph Matty ’40

Classes of 1942 and 1943

Note: Individual years of graduation not provided for this group.
1st row: Lois Sechrist Carson; Mildred Feean Erler; Helen Bubnash Wasmuth; Roberta McClintock Mongeluzzo; Helen Havadich Evans; Bernice Freeman Nicholls; Eleanor Jane Knox Buchanan; Bonita Burnsworth
2nd row: Martin Rebish; Jean J. McKeever; Mary Culler Knecht; Francis Knox Laughner; Evelyn Mutnasky Kaifes; Betty Carson Stacks; James Carr; Muriel Morrow Suhan
3rd row: John Darkangelo; William Wasmuth (husband of Helen Bubnash Wasmuth); John Hozinec; James F. Knight; Eldo DiVirgilio; Robert Taylor; John Katrinak
Attending, but not in photo: Anne Kosisky Gearing

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