Thanks to Michael Olinzock for supplying the photos on this page.

Hardly anyone remembers when Perryopolis phone numbers had just one digit! This was before dial (not to mention touch-tone!) phones. You cranked the phone’s generator to ring the operator, then you told her the number (or, more likely, the name) of the person that you wanted to call, and she plugged you in.

Kalman’s stood where the bank is today. The store was open until the 1960’s.

Who can date this promotional giveaway? One way would be to contact the phone company and ask what years Perryopolis had single-digit phone numbers. E-mail the Webmaster.

Elmer Matto writes: “This was a brickyard along Layton Road in the vicinity of the site of the present day sewage disposal plant. Of course there was no Layton Road at that time. The plant was adjacent to the Washington Run RR tracks. This information comes from my wife, who grew up in Layton, and from others who grew up in Perry and who know some of the history.”

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