We cannot tell a lie. It rained on our parade, and it was chilly. But as you can see here, the rain failed to dampen spirits. The parade went on, and the bands were great. The rain tapered off as the parade went on, and was gone as the parade ended. Your webmaster and his camera both got wet, but we got enough photos of the parade to prove that a good time was had by all! Your webmaster regrets that he had to return home to Maryland early Sunday morning due to an illness in the family, so I was unable to visit everyone that I wanted to visit and was also unable to get the photos that I wanted from Sampey Park. Bob Zundel came to the rescue, however, and his photos are here. Thanks, Bob!        

There are marching bands, and there are riding bands. This the Chuck Ramsey Band. R-L: David Reoli, Drums; Shawn Lasko, Guitar; and Chuck Ramsey, Bass. Mr. Ramsey also plays with the renowned Harold Betters’ Band.
This is a welcome reminder that Perryopolis is in the midst of some wonderful farm land.
Last year I wrote “Cyril Griglak is Always Colorful, Always Entertaining.” This year, however, Cyril outdid himself. This gifted folk artist spent many hours building this spectacular float and decorating the tractor that pulled it.
The Hempfield Spartan Marching Band

              Perry’s own Frazier Band is really good! Above: At first I couldn’t tell whether this young lady was standing at attention or frozen stiff, but she did march on when the time came, so I guess she was just at attention. Left: I dubbed this photo “The Headless Hornman.” He, too, was good!
Left: The California Trojan Band. Above: A perfect 1930 Ford.
George and Martha were in attendance, of course -- in the persons of Marie and Matt Denitti, Jr.
Laddie and Kate Griglak -- well protected from the rain and chill. Both Laddie and Kate are distinguished retired educators from the Frazier School system.
Craig Martin and Dan Martin. I am greatly indebted to Craig for allowing me to use his beautiful home as my base of operations in Perryopolis. Dan is very much involved in the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program.   Last, but by no means least -- thanks to the Perryopolis Parks and Recreation Authority, Washington’s Grist Mill has an overshot water wheel again.
More Pioneer Day Photos, Thanks to Bob Zundel
Perryopolis, Pennsylvania
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