Star Junction Teachers, School Year 1929-30
Our appreciation to the late Madalyn Linderman for this photo and her many other contributions to
Pearl Ritenour
Sara Graham 1923
Mary Boyd
Pauline Lynch (Hagan?)
Christine Myers Lincoln
Mary Wolfe 1926 (Married Clarence Nicholson)
Irma Brizzi
Bessie Knox
Dorothy Jenkins
Emma Byers
A.M. Snyder
Margaret Stickel
(married Robert C. Baughman) 1925
Helen Davis 1923 (School Nurse)
Bertha Zimmerman (Married Leland Potter)
Ruth Brown
Ethel Murphy 1924
Kenneth Grant
Ralph Linderman
Ruth Moyle
Emma Ramsier Blaney
The year of graduation from Perry Township High School is shown where known. Teachers in this era did not need four-year degrees; thus Mary Wolfe (later Nicholson), who graduated from Perryopolis high school in 1926, could have been teaching as early as 1928.

Identifications thanks to Robert C.Baughman, Jr., Alana Linderman Carnahan, Madalyn Linderman, Craig Martin, Walter Matras, Robert Lincoln, Jim Ritenour, and Yvonne “Bonnie Blair” Morgan, who completed the job of identifying these teachers.
Notes: Bertha Zimmerman Potter had taught 2nd grade at Perryopolis Elementary School in 1926-1927. Margaret Stickel was your webmaster’s aunt; her husband, Robert C. Baughman was my mother's brother. Of these teachers, your webmaster was taught by Christine Myers Lincoln, Dorothy Jenkins, Ethel Murphy, and Emma Byers. And all of us from that era remember School Nurse Helen Davis.
Addditional photos and information are always welcome. Please e-mail the webmaster.
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