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I lived the first 18 years of my life in Star Junction. I attended the Star Junction Elementary School (possibly the finest elementary school anywhere, ever), where I learned all the important stuff I know. Having done that, I coasted through Frazier High School, graduating with honors in 1962. After that I spent eight years in the Air Force, where I served in the Philippines. In 1970 I left the Air Force and took a civilian job with the U.S. Government. Between 1970 and 1991 I served overseas tours in Thailand, Israel, Indonesia, the Yemen Arab Republic, Egypt, and The Sudan. Other countries I have visited include Australia, Britain, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Turkey. I speak Arabic, French, Hebrew, Lao, and Thai. I returned from my last permanent overseas assignment (Cairo, Egypt) in 1991 and I retired from government service in 1994. I live with my wife, Leona Upton Illig, in Gambrills, Maryland, which is about 10 miles west of Annapolis and 230 miles southeast of Perryopolis. The big thing with towns these days is to have a “Town Center.” Perryopolis is way ahead of the game because it has always had the Diamond. The Gambrills Town Center consists of a post office, a corn field, a dairy farm, and a feed store. My hobbies are astronomy and astrophotography; computers; growing black raspberries (actually, it's not the growing of them, it's the eating of them--fresh, and in pies and jam--that I enjoy); photography; and woodworking. You can learn more about me and my hobbies than you ever wanted to know by visiting my personal web site at

Why: Because you didn’t. The World Wide Web as we know it was launched in 1984. Sixteen years later, in 2000, the top-level domain name still had not been registered. Businesses, organizations, individuals, and cities, towns, and villages everywhere had put up their own web sites, but not Perryopolis. I was surprised that no one from the Perryopolis area had created a web site like this one. Eventually, a cyber squatter with no connection to the Perryopolis area would have registered the domain and offered it for sale to the highest bidder (see my town, Gambrills, Maryland.) I decided that 16 years was long enough to allow another interested party to register, so I registered on March 30, 2000. I then contracted with a web hosting service, hurriedly designed a starter page, and on April 1, 2000, was born. There were no visitors, of course, because no one knew about the site except me and a few of my friends. I soon made a trip to Perryopolis to introduce the site to the Borough Council, the Perryopolis Area Heritage Society, religious organizations, other non-profit organizations, and local merchants. And now here you are. Thanks for visiting!

How: This site is made with Apple® Macintosh® computers. The Mac® is the computer you turn to when you’ve got serious work to do and you’re tired of viruses and spyware, tired of crashes, and tired of playing video poker. Your Webmaster has serious work to do, so he doesn’t do Windows®! Between us, my wife and I use six Macs: three desktop Macs and three MacBook Pro’s. Our network consists of these six Macs, four printers, various scanners and other peripherals, and a Verizon FIOS modem. The Macs and other devices (two TiVo’s and an Apple TV) tie into this network via five Apple AirPort WiFi (802.11g and 892.11n) stations so that we can work anywhere in the house (or anywhere on our two-acre property in nice weather) with no wires attached and still have access to the other Macs, the Internet, and the printers. I use a number of applications to create and maintain the content of The html is prepared mainly with Adobe Dreamweaver®, with Bare Bones Software's BBEdit® in a supporting role. relies on the kindness of people like you for most of the photographs that you see on the site. When you see photographs by the Webmaster, chances are they were made with Canon or Nikon® digital SLR cameras. Photographs are edited and prepared for the Web using Adobe Lightroom® and Adobe Photoshop®. Other applications that I use to create and edit content for this site include Adobe Acrobat®, Adobe InDesign®, Apple QuickTime®, and Apple Safari®. And, of course, I listen to music from Apple’s iTunes Music Store while updating the site! World HQ, Located in the Webmaster’s Den and all over His House



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